Manakula Vinayagar Institute of Technology


The Fluid Mechanics Laboratory is an integral part of the Department of mechanical Engineering. The laboratory has facilities for experimental in fluid mechanics and machinery. To get exposure about the function of various hydraulic equipments. To learn the aim, working principle, components, function of hydraulic equipments, to get hand-on experience in the operation of hydraulic equipments. To study to take observations while the equipment is in operation, to study to do calculations and to draw characteristic curves, to interpret the results obtained to arrive ;The Fluid Dynamics Laboratory consists of Flow measurement devices, Head losses measurement in pipe flows, Impact of water jet on vanes, Flow visualization apparatus, Hydraulic pumps and turbines. The students will understand their theoretical knowledge of fluid mechanics. The students are encouraged to operate the experimental test rig to know the operational procedures and to familiarize the performance calculations.

Major Equipments :

  • Kaplan, Francis, and pelton turbine for performance analysis