Manakula Vinayagar Institute of Technology


Manufacturing Process laboratory in Manakula Vinayagar Institute of Technology is equipped with high quality branded machines designed to gain a practical understanding of various manufacturing processes in a hands-on environment. Each experiment will be relatively provide to the student with a good understanding of the various processes from more than a theoretical viewpoint and explore on casting, molding and machining process. The objective is to provide exposure to different processes and not to produce a perfect component part. A detailed part drawing will be provided for the process while the student will attempt to construct their component to the desired dimensions and tolerances. We Extend student basic knowledge to solve manufacturing processes related problems and emphasize the problem solving process and application techniques to learn engineering judgments.


Major Equipments :

  • CNC lathe machine, ECOTURN – ET25V0MG, Swing over diameter 380mm, for mass production.
  • CNC milling machine, SMT 250S SERVO, resolution 0.001mm, for mass production.
  •  Lathe machine, MTT636, all geared lathes, distance b/w centers 1000mm, No’s. 6, for machining component to required shape.
  •  BFW universal milling machine, UF1, swivel range 45 degree on both sides.
  •  Shaping machine, MTT450, 2hp, 500mm max. stroke, movement automatic & manual.
  •  Universal radial drilling machine, SER-2 (AUTO FEED), drill capacity 45mm, for making holes on the work piece.
  •  High precision centre lathe, MLZ 250 V, Swing dia. 250mm, Spindle nose Din 55027, S4.
  •  Capstan turret lathe, MCT-250, Swing dia. 250mm, No. of speed 12, for special operations.
  •  Gear Hobbing Machine, JS 4, Max. helical gear cutting, 45degree LH/RH.
  •  Cylindrical grinding machine, UC150, swivel angle ±9˚, distance b/w centers 160 mm.
  •  Pillar drilling machine, PA/30/GT, drilling capacity 30mm, pillar diameter 120mm.