Manakula Vinayagar Institute of Technology


“Sigarathai Nokki” a career guidance program conducted for Higher secondary students every year in Villupuam and Cuddalore Districts. The objective of the programme is to educate the higher secondary students in choosing a right course of study that suits their dreams. According to a report from MHRD in the year 2012 there is only 18 % of students choose engineering as a career another 2.75 % choose medicine and students preferring science and IT may add another 16 %. This career guidance program aims for bringing in the potential and capable students towards Science and engineering.

The students will be given career counseling by Mr. Jayaprakash A. Gandhi, a well known consultant and educational reformer. The trends in Industry and the relevant course of study will be discussed to the students. The upcoming technologies and the latest branch of study are also introduced to the students which they might not have been exposed to. A wide spectrum of career opportunities and place where to take a quality course are also thrown light upon. The bottleneck in the decision about the choice of study is removed by the chair persons where Principals from leading institution of Pondicherry and people in the rank of chairman of educational institution participate.

The participant can get a free book for preparation for objective exams like JEE, Medical Entrance etc. They will also have opportunities of visiting the projects done by students of Sri Manakula Vinayagar Group colleges and get motivated towards engineering. The programme also includes a key motivational speaker who really motivates the students towards higher education and also guides them in becoming a good citizen of the Nation. Shri U.Sagayam IAS a well known orator and a motivational speaker, an Anti-corruption ideologist presided the programme held on 11th January 2014 at cuddalore, Dr. V.Iraianbu IAS Principal secretary, Economics and statistics department, A great philosopher authoring more than 30 books addressed the gathering on 25th April 2015. The success of the events was evident from the overwhelming response of more than 2500 participants each year.

Events of this year 2016

The event “Sigarathai Nokki” was held on 5th Feb 2016 at Sri Sarada Ashram, New Edaikkal, Ulundurpet, Tamilnadu. Dr. V.Iraianbu IAS and Mr. Jayaprakash A Gandhi delivers the motivational and counseling for HSc Students.

The Second event is scheduled on 23rd Apirl 2016 at Subbrayalou Reddiyar Marriage Hall, Cuddalore. The key speakers are Mr. Gopinath, Socialist and Vijay Tv Anchor, and Mr.Jayaprakash A Gandhi.