Financial Aid in the form of meritcummeans scholarship is available for deserving students. Students can avail of the opportunity.

  1. Indian National Academy of Engineering, New Delhi  : Ref :
  2. Eveready Scholarships:- Ref :
  3. Directorate of Education :- Ref :
  4. Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR.) :- Ref :
  5. National Scholarship Scheme:- Ref
  6. Indian Oil Corporation Scholarships:- Ref :
  7. Central sector Scheme of Scholarship for College and University Students :-Ref :
  8. ONGC Scholarships for SC ST Students:- Ref :
  9. ONGC Scholarships Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited : Ref
  10. The Young India Fellowship : Ref
  11. Backward Class Welfare Scholarship.
  12. Backward Class Loan Scholarship.
  13. Adi-Dravidar And Tribal Welfare Scholarship.
  14. Adi-Dravidar and Tribal Welfare Loan.
  15. Adhoc Grant for SC/ST students
  16. National Scholarship Scheme under Government of India.
  17. Social Welfare Scholarship Physical Handi capped students only.
  18. War memorial scholarship.
  19. Free Education Scholarship for First Graduate Scholarship.
  20. Ex-Service men Scholarship.
  21. Technical Scholarship for children of Government servants.