The Electrical Machines-I&II Lab provides the essential practical knowledge to students about the performance of the transformers and rotating machines (DC Machines & AC Machines) which are widely used in industries. The laboratory is well equipped with Rectifier unit of 200Ampers capacity, all kinds of measuring instruments etc…

Major Equipments:

DC machines: DC Shunt Motor coupled with DC Shunt Generator, DC Series Generator, DC Compound Generator, 1Φ Alternator and 3Φ Alternator, DC Shunt Motor, DC Compound Motor, DC Series Motor & DC Drive.

AC machines: 3Φ Slip Ring Induction Motor, 3Φ Squirrel Cage Induction Motor, 1Φ & 3Φ Alternator, 1Φ Induction Motor with Mechanical Loading.1Φ & 3 Φ Step-Down Transformer, Auto Transformer, 1Φ and 3Φ Resistive, Inductive & Capacitive Loads.