This lab equipped with modern measuring and control equipment to upgrade the knowledge in this field like Process control, Flow control, Pressure control, Temperature control and measurement equipments like Instrumentation amplifier, Signal converters, Transducers, Single phase energy meter, Kelvin Double Bridge, Maxwell’s Bridge and Wheat Stone Bridge Kit etc…

Major Equipments:

Portable Wheat Stone Bridge, Kelvin Double Bridge, Maxwell’s Bridge, Anderson Bridge and Schering Bridge. Instrumentation  Amplifier trainer  Kit, Instrumentation Trainer Kit Using Transducer, Network Theorem trainer Kit (Thevenins ,Superposition , Norton’s), V -I & I-V Converter, Analog IC Trainer, Position control system Kit, Servo motor Control( Tracking, Positioning), LVDT Kit, Temperature controller, Pressure controller, Level controller & Flow controller kit, Function Generator, Dual Trace Oscilloscope, Energy Meters,Megger, ToungTester and Earth tester.