Details Of SDP/FDP Conducted with Sponsorship During Last Five Years.

S.No Name of the Dept Title of FDP/SDP Conducted Sanction Authority. Amount
1 CSE Recent Advances In Artificial Neural Networks AICTE 640000
2 CSE Current Scenario : Open Source Technologies AICTE 60000
3 CSE Impact Of Bio-Metric Security Using Image Processing   AICTE 75000
4 IT Middleware Technologies And Its Emerging Trends AICTE 640000
5 IT Zyber Law & Zyber Security AICTE 60000
6 IT Swarm Intelligence AICTE 60000
7 EEE Analysis and Modeling of Motors Using FEM Package(ANSYS) AICTE 500000

Details of Research Projects applied Seeking Sponsorship

S.No. Name of the Faculty Funding Agency Title of the proposal Amount
1 Dr.K.Sedhuraman DST FIST-Fund for Improvement S&T Infrastructure 8100000
2 Dr.K.Sedhuraman DRDO Neural Network Techniques Based Electrical Drives for Production of Defense Equipments.   3690000
3 Mrs.B.Laksmipriya CSIR Advanced Security System Using EEG Authentication 240427
4 Mr.S.Arunmozhi CSIR Wireless Sensor Network Based Food Storage System 275000
5 Dr.S.Malarkkan CSIR Emerging Trends and Hands on Training for LTE-Advanced 100000
6 Mr.C.Shanmugasundharam CSIR Transmission Expansion Planning In Restructured Power Market 80000