Dept of CSE

  1. Dr.K.B.Jayaramman,“Finger print authentication using Back propagation Network” under the guidance of Dr. C. Puttamadappa.  
  2. Dr S.Pariselvam, Certain Investigations on the Service Discovery Protocols for Manet under the guidance of Dr R.M.S.Parvathi.
  3. Dr.Poongavithai,”Studies on Requirements Driven CPN Model Based Test Design Framework for Web Service Composition “, in the area of Software Engineering under the guidance of Dr.G.Zayaraj.
  4. Mr.N.Palanivel, Investigations on the Texture Characterization, Representation, Description and Classification based on Gaussian Markov Random Filed Model With Bayesian Approach  in Digital Image Processing under the guidance of Dr.K.Seetharamman.

Dept of ECE

  1. Dr.S.Malarkkan “ Performamce Analysis of Resource Management Algorithms in Wideband CDMA systems” under the guidance of Dr.V.C.Ravichandran, Anna University in the 2008.
  2. S.Arunmozhi, “ Relaying Issues in Wireless Networks”, under the guidance of Dr.G.Nagarajan, SCSVMV University.
  3. Jayekumar, “ Energy Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks using Routing and Localization” under the guidance of Dr.V.Nagarajan, Anna University.
  4. Sambathkumar, “Differential Deceptive Data Detection & Filtering in Vehicular Adhoc Networks”, under the guidance of Dr.T.Vengattaraman, Pondicherry University.
  5. D.Saraswathy, “Issues in Image Retrieval” under the guidance of Dr.E.Srinivasan at Pondicherry Engineering College.
  6. B.Lakshmi Priya, “Early detection of Hepatocellular Carcinoma” under the guidance of Dr.K.Jayanthi at Pondicherry Engineering College.
  7. J.Ajayan, “ Modelling & Simulation study of Indium Phosphide based High Electron Mobility Transistors for High Speed Applications, Dr. D.Nirmal, Karunya University.

Dept of EEE

  1. Mr.C.Shanmugasundaram, studies ‘Unit commitment problems’ in Power System under the guidance of Dr.M.Sudhegar.
  2. Dr.K.Sedhuraman, studies ‘Design and performance Analysis of Neural Network Based Speed Estimator for Sensor less Vector Control Induction motor Drive ‘ in Neural Networks under  the guidance of Dr.S.Hemavthi.
  3. .Mrs.G.Renugakadevi,’Performance Investigations of Multi-Phase Induction Motor Drives for High Power Applications’ in the area of Electrical drives and Control under the guidance of Dr.K.Rajambal.
  4. Mrs.D.Sarumathy, ‘Renewable Energy Sources’ in Power Systems under the guidance of Dr.Rajathi.

Dept of IT

  1. Dr. P. Sivakumar, “Quality of Service Aware Routing Protocol for Real time Traffic in MANET” under the guidance of  Dr. K. Duraisamy.
  2. Dr. A. Meiappane, “Mining Design Patterns for Internet Banking Architecture to Ameliorate Software Qualities” under the guidance of Dr. V. Prasanna Venkatesan
  3. Ms. S. Chitra, “Ontology Engineering” under the guidance of Dr. G. Aghila.

Dept of MECH

  1. Dr.B. Radjaram, Studies of boihydrogen production by anaerobic co-digesion of press mud and sewage, July 2011 (Accomplished under the guidance of Dr. R. Saravanane).
  2. R. Muraliraja, Study on influence of Ni recovery efficiency and its effect on the properties of electroless plating, Under the guidance of Dr. R. Elansezhian.